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What is PBN Backlinks?

The full meaning of PBN is PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK,

Private Blog network. This is a network of high authority websites that lconnects back at your cash website, that is the websiite which is your major website or the site you plan to earn money from This network is purely linked with other websites which are very popular and of high authority because that’s what helps the site to rank better on Google.

A PBN or Private Blog Network is in most cases made with the expired domains because they are good source to link back to your website. PBN plays an important role in SEO and a very significant role especially if you use it wisely.

The Importance of PBN in SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO), points to how you can make your website easily seen  on the SERP i.e. the search engine research page of Google. In addition to all these Backlinks that you have created on private blog network blog sites, it will be easy to understand what is the importance of Private blog network in SEO. PBN is very important in SEO in the following ways;

PBN Control Your Backlinks To Your Site:

As I stated earlier, backlinks created through PBN can be controlled by you as they are made through private blogs owned by you. 

Therefore you can see the quality, quantity and frequency of back links you are creating for your website over a period of time. That is the first  good part of PBN in SEO and also essence of using Private Blog Network. In addition, you can use anchor text and link velocity to increase visibility naturally on SERP with your money website.


PBN Makes SEO Easier To Manage:

Many SEO’s trust so much in private blog networks than doing other strategies to get editorial links to their website. However, It is much easier for them to have managed private blogs than doing email outreach, guest post or any other way to have links build to their website

PBN Increase Clients:

With the help of Pbn, you can use PBN networks to improve sharply people SERP ranking easily and efficiently if you have a correct network build.

 In actual sense, you can use PBN to make clients who are on the second and third pages of SERP results and ask them that you can help them rank higher. In this way, it will help you build a great client base with PBN. 

Therefore, Private blog network is a great way to get clients and is useed by various top seo company in India, specifically in Delhi NCR but it should be also noted that it is not to be over exploited or abused in a manner that will bring negative results to your site.

How PBN or Private blog Network Really Works

A lot of people may find the organization of PBN very complicated. And so it is important to first understand various components of this network.


  1. The money website;


Money website can be defined  as the website from which you want to make your cash. That means you want it to rank higher on Google search result pages and hence you will be linking towards this website.


  1. Tier 1 Private Blogs or Web 2.0 website


These are the high domain websites ranking high on Google search engine and directly linking to your money website. So these are blog sites other than your main website and a group of them is called a private blog network. Why are these called Private? Cause you buy them, you buy there domains and their hosting and you have their logins, so you can build them according to your wish. Now how many of these websites you have to buy depends on your main website’s niche and its competition.Web 2.0 are social sites that you can used to build a PBN for free. The example of these sites is Twitter, wordpress.com, Pinterest, etc.


  1. Tier 2 Websites;


Tier2 websites are websites used to back up the Tier 1 websites; they are basically back links that help the Tier1 get high domain authority. The amount of Tier 2 websites backing up Tier 1 should be near to 4 to 5 per website.


  1. Tier 3 websites;


These websites are websites used to back up the Tier 2 websites which is also 5-6 per Tier2 website.This factually results in hundreds of websites connecting wth each other and creating a network.

However, once you have all these components, you have to write blogs on these Tier 1 private blog sites and link them to your money websites. Therefore you will have to use different keywords in these blogs that are related to the niche of your money website.

Vital Facts To keep in Mind While Using PBN

HTML also known as hypertext markup language is used to build the net and contains various kinds of tags. Anchor tag, (Syntax = <a> …</a>) is used to link the high authority websites to your main money website.

Suppose I want to link website url: www.example.com from a high DA website called www.123.com  I will use the syntax <A href = “www.example.com”> EXAMPLE ANCHOR TEXT </A>

Now things you have to understand here are:

“Href” represents the location of website you are referring to.

“EXAMPLE ANCHOR TEXT” is the text that will display, on which the user will click to get to your website.

</> is used to close any html tag as seen in the example Anchor tag is closed as </a>.

TIP: HTML is not a case-sensitive language and hence if say you started your anchor tag with like <a> and it is closed by </A> then it won’t affect the result of that particular code.